Major had been at the Jackson County Animal Shelter since December 2015 and was adopted in April 2016.  He was a staff favorite but had trouble finding a home due to his age and a skin condition.  He is also very stubborn and has jumped out windows with screens at his new home to take himself for a walk.  Here's what his new family has to say:  "Update on Major! He has made huge strides since we adopted him back in April. He loves treats, hiding his brother's toys and riding shotgun. He loves attention and forces everyone to rub his ears. This pup went from a bag of bones to a bit chubby very quickly, and he is not pleased to start his diet! Don't let that sweet face fool you - his favorite thing to do is find a new escape route while we're at work, get into garbage cans, and then hangout with the nice lady and her dog down the street. We hope we finally have the windows Major-proof! He and his brother Chief (known as Buddy by you guys) didn't care much for each other at first, but as you can see, they warmed up to one another. We have the sweetest pups in town and are so glad we adopted older boys through JCAS!"