At 1:28 April 22nd 2013 Animal Control Officer Emily Reynolds received a call of a lost suffering dog in Charlevoix County Michigan. The report read:  A gentleman was waiting by a dog on the dirt road portion of Ridge Rd, just past the new trees with white wraps on them.  He was waiting with a brown mix breed dog with a mouth full of porcupine quills and limping.

Officer Reynolds arrived finding Legend, cowering in a garbage compost pile at a local cherry orchard, timid and very unsure of those who were there to rescue him.  He backed away whimpering.  Officer Reynolds took about 15 minutes to capture him, tempting him with a beef stick chewy treat, but he couldn’t chew it as his mouth was full of sharp and painful porcupine quills.  The officer drove directly to the local veterinarian where they had to sedate Legend to pull the quills, taking over 50 minutes.  They stopped counting at 200 quills, realizing there must have been two porcupines involved as there were large quills and small, possibly a mother protecting a baby.

Legend’s quills permeated his whole face, they were millimeters from his eyes, piercing his chest, in his paws, legs, nose, mouth, and even in his throat.  The wounds had become infected, as he had been grudgingly harboring these quill infestations for over a week. He couldn’t eat or drink. He was emaciated, skin and bones, and starving to death. After his traumatic doctor visit (Legend was a trooper, he wasn’t happy by any means, but you could tell he knew he was being rescued), he was brought to the Charlevoix Area Humane Society.

Legend was terrified in his new environment, he and his body quivered in a state of fear and shock.  The experienced Charlevoix Area Humane Society shelter staff handled him with kid gloves; they were loving, patient, and very sympathetic to his trauma.  They nurtured him with a special diet of broth, then soft foods, he gradually gained strength to stand and greet staff, at first timidly, then in time with enthusiasm and trust.

Staff and volunteers at the shelter walked and socialized Legend as soon as he had the strength and was comfortable enough in his new surroundings.  Once up-to-date on vaccinations and neutered, Legend was put up for adoption and very shortly, the perfect family for Ledged magically appeared! “In my opinion there is no dog that has suffered more, more deserving, no dog luckier than Legend to find such wonderful people.  It’s the stuff Legends are made of!”, said Scott MacKenzie, Director at the Charlevoix Humane Society.

Legend at this very point in time is spending the holiday season on a yacht with his new forever family in Puerto Rico, he’s there for the winters and in Beautiful Harbor Springs in Northern Michigan in the summers.