From Drake’s adoptive family, “One year ago we saw this mangy mutt on the animal shelter website. He had been in their care for a few weeks and was finally being released for adoption. Something about him stole my heart and told me that despite our already crazy home that he belonged with us. We went to meet "Ben" (now Drake) and fell in love, even though he was bald and covered from head to toe in open sores. We brought him home and began a lengthy journey to rehabilitate him. He had mites (aka mange. Yes, we literally adopted the mangy mutt), and has been through rounds of steroids and antibiotics and oils and really expensive foods and shampoos and even sees a dog "allergy specialist" in Livonia. He's cost us so much more financially than we ever anticipated but in return we've gained a family member. He's the sweetest, most stubborn boy ever and we love him so much. He's come a long way!”