Dinah, a tiny sick kitten, was brought in by some caring people whose dog found her in their backyard, apparently abandoned by her mother.   Dinah came in with a severe upper respiratory infection, and had to have her face cleaned with warm water almost every 20 minutes because she could not breathe out of her nose, and because her eyes were crusted shut.  The first day in foster care, Dinah had to be hand-fed and given water through a syringe, in order to keep her from becoming dehydrated.  She was also treated with antibiotics and eye drops twice daily. By day three, her respiratory infection was clearing up, and she could eat and drink on her own, and had figured out how to use her litterbox.  Once Dinah’s eyes cleared up, the shelter veterinary staff found that she needed to have third eyelid flap surgery, to repair the damage done by an ulcer that had formed on her eye. The surgery was successful, and her foster mom now reports that Dinah is doing is doing very well and is a sassy bobtail kitten that will be looking for a loving home, once she is all healed up!