Butch, a young American Staffordshire mix, was accidentally let out of his yard.  We don't know whether he was frightened or just excited to be out running, but Butch ended up being hit by a car.  A neighbor saw the accident and called the shelter for help.  One of our animal control officers responded and Butch was brought to the shelter where he was examined by the shelter's veterinarian.  Butch was in bad shape and the shelter staff was worried that he would not survive the night. Once Butch was stabilized with pain medicines and fluids, he was transported to a local veterinarian’s office where x-rays showed that Butch's hip was dislocated and would need to be surgically repaired if he were going to be able to use it normally again.  Thanks to generous donations from our supporters, we were able to send Butch back to the local veterinarian’s office where he had surgery and a pin inserted into his hip. The surgery went well, and Butch spent a week in a sling to keep him from bearing weight on his leg.  Butch is now back to being a normal happy dog, and will be up for adoption very soon.